Want To Help?
  • Style Nazi - Make sure there is a consistent style used throughout the notes eg. a table of contents ("toc") and correct headings ("+")
  • Tinker - On some pages equations are not shown thats because the equations were written in word but they couldn't be transferred so if you have some time to spare, I can show you how to get the equations up.
  • Librarian - Check facts in a systematic way.
  • Artist - There are spaces in the notes where images/diagram should be. If you have time, I can show you how to get them on the notes.
  • Public Relations - Know someone who writes good notes? Ask them if they want to put their notes up
  • Organizer - Need someone to think of a way to organize the notes better

If you can help in the positions outlined or you can help in any other way, just contact me and we can discuss it further.

- Chen (zn.gro.asmua|retsambew#zn.gro.asmua|retsambew)

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