I did Paeds in the 'Kato at the beginning of 2008 and it was awesome!
The team are very good and involve you really well, but there is also a reasonable amount of time off (Monday mornings mostly don't start until 11am so you have time to drive back from Auckland if you so desire).
As with all Waikato runs, Raewyn Wooderson does all the Admin and it's the usual story as far as that's concerned.
The Supervisor is (and will hopefully remain) Hamish McCay, who is one of those supervisors who actually reads your case histories AND gives you helpful feedback on them! He will also sit down with you at the end of the run to talk about how it's actually been, and we all know medical students actually love being assessed (Grade me!) but seriously, it's actually good to know how you've gone.
You get good consultant time and teaching, and very good tutorials. I really had a very good run and have minimal criticism of anything (it was Hamish's first time as supervisor so the organisation was not yet 100% smooth, but we got almost all the teaching we should have, which is better than some more established runs). Web 2.0 Design
If you can do the outreach clinics in Tokoroa and Thames, because they're interesting and hands-on. There's also opportunities to do Paed surg stuff if you're keen and the surgical team is very nice as well, but that's more something you have to pursue yourself, as there are only 2 paed surg tuts and 1 clinic scheduled. Also, there's not a lot of time in ED scheduled, but you're always very welcome to head down there.
The arrangement of the run is a mixture of clinics, wards and community visits all at once, not sequential as they do at Starship, which I thought was a good arrangement as you saw everything from early on in the run and had ample opportunity to get cases and do your community assignment. It was also more varied and meant you didn't get bored with just one thing!
Overall a definite recommendation, especially if you're keen on some time out of Auckland :-)
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