What days tutorials are on: I don't remember getting official ones. You get the anaesthetists to teach you when the patient is asleep.

How hard you have to work: not hard, provided you have a relatively good short-term memory. You get a book called "Induction to Anaesthesia" which has everything you can be expected to know. Read a chapter the night before and then bring up that topic the next day, the anaesthetist will be impressed by your immense knowledge and give you good marks and sign you off.

What time to turn up on the first day - and where!: The University failed miserably in making this clear in their email this year. On the first day, you report to Raewyn at the clinical school at 8.30 (or 8, correct me if I'm wrong) and she will give you the pagers and brief you.

Where you can leave your stuff: haha behind Erin's door, her office can be found near the changing rooms, I forget which floor. An email should tell you where to meet Erin anyway, she's lovely. What you could also do is just take a pair of scrubs home and then just walk to the hospital already changed into scrubs and that way you won't have to lug a bag around.

Where the good coffee is to be found: across the road from the hospital there's a cafe. Theres free coffee, tea and hot chocolate provided at the break rooms, but I woudn't recommend that coffee. You get free biscuits too, yum.

How you'll be marked: case report, log book and you get 2 anaesthetists to rate you on your last week.

Where to park: Park in the Wilson carpark building for $5/week - unlimited entry/exit. Or if they still haven't put the staff carpark barrier arm up by next year, you can park in the staff carpark for free, but be sneaky about it, we've all done it but shhhh. O and when you arrive the night before and ask the security where you can park, and he says go to the carpark near the ambulance bay, dont go all the way in there, because you'll end up doing what I did, and that's parked in the middle of the helipad, you'll get told off by a freaked-out security man.

Quality of cafe food: aewsome, best food and also happen to be the cheapest, try their gourmet burgers for only $5! yum.

To sum it up, most of the aneasthetists there are super nice and will frequently remind you to go have a cup of tea. You get a variety of cases, you'll do a day in cardio, ortho, gynae, delivery suite and pain service.
O and in addition, you get to have a go at a $250,000 simulation dummy. You get to save its life pretty much - intubate, bag mask, inject adrenaline etc, super cool!
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