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Systems of Medicine

The website is a compilation of the teachings by Professor Tim Koelmeyer. He is a brilliant surgeon who got bored and became a forensic pathologist. He was also the mentor of the famous "Breakfast Club" (past UoA medical students that went to morgue every mourning at 7am to do autopsies). Legend has it they skipped lectures and just studied in the morgue and all got straight A+'s! This website summarizes his teachings that he passed on to other students which helped them sort out medical knowledge into a system that helped to retrieve all the screeds of information memorized over the years. (One of his quote's is… "remembering is for dummies, understanding is forever").

This site is obviously great for clinical students but whats good about this is that it is also hugely relevant to preclinical years as well. This should be a great mandatory read for all students coming into 2nd year! Check out for pos software, Precor Gyms and Chetan Kapur silver price


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