Paediatric at Starship is broken into 3 blocks. The students are split into 3 groups and you rotate through the 3 blocks.

One: 2 weeks attachment in community. It consists of variety of community visits. It is generally very relaxed and you can go home early in the afternoon for most things. There is one assignment you have to do about your visits or you may just write about one visit covering various objectives outline in the handbook.

Two: 2 weeks attachment on the ward. This is absolutely self directed because you can not turn up any day and no one would notice other than the times when you have bedside teaching. Bedside teaching happens twice a week for both of the weeks you are on ward attachment AND for the two weeks you are in clinic. This is the perfect time to learn how common illnesses in paed are managed although because there is no team structure and consultant changes all the time… it can be hard to learn anything. It is also a good time to get your 3 case histories done. Depending on the consultant, you may have to hand one case in every 2 weeks or some don't mind when you hand it in… so try your luck and negotiate!

Three: 2 weeks of clinic. you have to do one general surgical, two general paediatric, one ENT…. can't remember if any other specific requirement but it's a good opportunity to see some rare clinics that other students won't have, like HIV, immunology, bronchiectasis etc. This is the good part about being at Starship, you get super specialised clinics, it can be very interesting although sometimes it can be overwhelming! Try and find the RED clinic booking book behind the reception and slot yourself in clinic first before the other students get it. Otherwise you might miss out on the interesting clinics!

Generally, not a very good experience apart from the clinics. You are left to your own devices quite a lot and so you really rely on yourself but as a 5th year we should all know how to do this!

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