North Shoreog5thyear

As one of us put it, Club Shore is probably the slackest place to do your O&G, but a good place to learn at the same time.

1. No weekend/overnight shifts (you only need to do 2 long days until 2130hrs for the whole run and the supervisor doesnt care if you don't)
2. Flexible timetable (you'll be assigned to one area for the whole week and rotate around, e.g. theatre for week 1, antenatal clinic week 2, neonates week 3, waitakere week 4) (NB. in 2009 no more Waitakere - you do your delivery suite run at the new delivery suite at the Shore)
Noone will be expecting you anywhere (except neonates) so you could go and leave whenever you want
3. Superrrrrrrr friendly staffs (both the supervisors and the hospital O&G teams)
4. Very Type B supervisor (Dr Vijay Bhoola) (NB. he is AWESOME!), he teaches very very well and will always simulate an OSCE scenario for us in the end of the tutorial (which is VERY helpful for the OSCE) and he even gave us tips on how to get distinction in certain topics (which I did). Please attend his end of run OSCE revision (which lasted the whole day for us) and jot down the way he would answer an osce question
5. You get a detailed and proper neurological examination on neonates by Dr Shuman (even more detail than most books) and it isn't taught in any other hospitals (from the people whom I've asked)
6. Stress free environment

1. 1 person is responsible for 5-6 presentations (could be an advantage as well) (NB. This also got changed in 2009 - you do 2 O&G cases and 2 Neonatal cases)
2. Travelling to Waitakere (NB. Not since 2009)
3. Midwives are not really helpful (my own personal experience) (NB. I had really good experience with them - you just have to be really friendly and really try to help, ie. don't just get them to call you when someone is 10min away from popping out a baby, stick around before hand and afterwards and try to help with paper work, luer etc)
4. No specialised clinics like Auckland (e.g. GDM clinic, infertility clinic)
5. No formal O&G bedside teaching, only tutorials (but u learn that in the clinics)

Overall: Highly recommended !!!

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