North Shoregensurg4thyear

I would presonally recommend Gen Surg at Northshore, it was arguably the most enjoyable run I've had all year.

Few things separate North Shore Gen Surg from the rest:
- You don't swap teams, you stay with the same team for the whole 6 weeks which in our collective opinion, is the only way to go, it takes about 2 weeks to settle into the team so pretty annoying if you have to swap after 3 and bond with a new team.
- Drawback is that you only get to see either alot of bums or alot of breasts or alot of neck lumbs and not much else. So trade patients with your mates, example: "I will trade you my perianal abscess man for your total masectomy lady."
- No Maori people - I've seen only 3 during my 6 weeks, so you really have to work hard for that Maori POG.
- You will learn OSCE techniques exclusive to Club Shore such as "fairy dancing" and you will stand out during the OSCE…
- Mr. Alley takes you gardening - take you guys along to the ED and visit unsuspecting patients, get you to take a surgical history and exam and work together to get a diagnosis - GREAT FUN and the best learning experience I've ever had.
- Free parking! - On Brook St. which is 1min across the road from NSH. The whole street will have plenty of parking as long as you arrive before 8am which isn't a problem because you'll have to report to Mr. Theobald's tutorial or ward rounds before 7.30 everyday anyway.
- Opportunity to admit patients from ED, you'll get to be the first person to see and examine the patient, chart fluids, chart drugs, put in an iv, get that all done before the HO or reg comes!
- Poor, poor staff cafe food quality. Very expensive, very limited selection and with questionable freshness (You ever paid a whole dollar for a rotten apple? I did). Fish'n'chips friday is something to always look forward to though, cheap and good.
- You get free tea, coffee and milo at the theatre break room. But the bread is strictly staff only, we were told (despite the fact that we all spend around 8~10 hours at the hopsital every day and have to hold retractors till our arms fall off). If you are a student-rights activist, hopefully you'll be able to convince them to increase their theatre budget by $2 dollars a week to afford student-bread.

Stewart/Hulme-Moir/Jarvis: A very plesant team, not so serious all the time and likes keen students. Mr. Stewart is very senior and respected but very approachable. Mr. Hulme-Moir and Mr. Jarvis are younger but just as talented and nice. All very keen to teach students if the students show interest (by attending clinics and asking to scrub in etc.) Mr. Jarvis likes sarcastic humour, so if he says something really obnoxious to you, that means he likes you and is making a joke, really, he's cool. We had a senior reg with the team, Andrew MacCormick, he's the man, but don't think he'll still be here in 2009, he may be back in 2010 as a consultant though! Had super super cool house surgeons but that's just luck really. By golly we miss them.



Rodgers/Booth: (sadly not Roger Booth)


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