Musculoskeletal Pelvis

Pelvic Bone

 Hip bone: fusion of three primary bones – ilium, ischium and pubis
 Ilium: the largest part of the hip bone
- alae: wing-like posterolateral portion that provide broad surfaces for the fleshy attachment
- body of ilium: joins the pubis and ischium
- anterior superior and inferior iliac spine: anterior structure of the ale that provide attachment for ligaments and tendons of lower limb muscles
- iliac crest: long curved thickened of the superior border of alae and extend posteriorly to PSIS
- posterior superior iliac spine: a protective bumper and is an important site of aponeurotic attachment for thin, sheet-like muscles and deep fascia
- iliac tubercle: prominence on the external lip of the iliac crest
- posterior inferior iliac spine: the superior end of the greater sciatic notch
- gluteal lines : ridges on the lateral side of the alae that demarcate the proximal attachment of the gluteal muscles
- Iliac fossa: large, smooth depression on the medial alae
 Ischium: posteroinferior part of the hip bone
- body of ischium: superior part that fuses with the pubis and ilium
- ramus of ischium: structure that joins the inferior ramus of the pubis to form a bar of bone that constitutes the inferomedial boundary of the obturator foramen
- greater sciatic notch: deep indentation on the posterior border of the ischium
- ischial spine: large triangular protuberance inferior to the GSN which provides ligamentous attachment
- lesser sciatic notch: small rounded smooth indentation below the ischial spine
- ischial tuberosity: rough bony projection at the junction of the inferior end of the ischial body and its ramus. It provides the proximal tendinous attachment of posterior tight muscles
 Pubis: anteromedial part of the hip bone
- body of pubis: structure that articulates with the corresponding surface of the contralateral pubic by means of pubic symphysis
- pubic crest: anterosuperior border of the united bodies and symphysis
- pubic tubercle: small projection at the lateral ends of the pubic crest
- superior ramus: upper margin of the obturator foramen
- pecten pubic: sharp raised edge on the posterior margin of the superior ramus
 Obturator Foramen: large oval aperture in the hip bone closed by a thin strong sheet called obturator membrane.

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