I did my run at middlemore, Tiaho Mai (in-patient). The run starts with 3 days of lectures and students from all sites to attend these lectures (just like campus learning weeks).

Then you spent most of your time in assigned department and you get 2 weeks 'out' of this department (ie I did one week in out-patient clinic and 1 week in Old age).

Typical day starts at 9 am and finishes at (hard to say!!!) 11 am and sometimes I got sent home as soon as I arrive which was good but wish if I knew before leaving home.

Auckland, MMH and NSH students have weekly workshops on Thursday afternoon and thats a good chance to not turn up in ur assigned team (since u have teaching!)… unless if u r too keen to see psychiatric patients!

Logbook to be completed
1 Case history
and of course your supervisor report

in summary, thats a very relaxed (and ?boring) run compared to medicine or surgery

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