Paediatrics is a fun attachment at middlemore, and people who went here had a much better time than their Starship counterparts. With one ED shift rostered a week, and with less sub-specialised ward patients there is a lot more opportunity for being able to take histories and examine kids by yourself. The community work is not as onerous either, with only 6 days. The only downside is being called on to drive to pukekohe for some of the community stuff. Adrian Trenholme is a great teacher who expects a lot, but your learning benefits from his interest in you.

Paediatrics is a great attachment. The run is arranged differently to Starship and is better for it. Every week there is a dedicated teaching day with Adrian Trenholme or Emma Best. Both are excellent clinical teachers and they will prepare you well for the OSCE. The rest of the week is filled up with time on the wards, in the Kidz First ED (which is great fun), clinics and community visits.
During my six weeks there, I was fortunate enough to see a variety of paediatric condition both acute and chronic. Kidz First is less specialized than Starship and the range of stuff you see is probably more diverse. Overall, an excellent attachment and this seems to be the general consensus.

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