Middlemore for surgery is pretty darn good (in my opinion anyway - and i dont like surgery!). There are 5 teams, and you swap after 3 weeks.
Tutorials are given on the core topics by all or the consultants: dont be late! and if Mr Adams is the tutor, DONT wear scrubs- get changed first. Everyone gets a chance to go to Breast clinic.

Farmilo/Connolly/Bardsley: I was on this team in 2007 when Mr Farmilo was away, so it was mainly Colorectal. Mr Connolly is lovely, a genuine nice guy, never gets angry or makes you feel stupid. The team is on call one night a week (plus some weekends). You're expected to be at ward round every day at 7.30am, do the call till about 8pm, and go to clinics. Clinics are at Manukau Super Clinic, plus MSC for elective lists.

Vann/Rahman/Cauldwell: Mr Vann and Mr Cauldwell are vascular surgeons, so expect lots of smelly foot ulcers! Mr Rahman has a special interest in Bariatric surgery which can be kind of interesting. This team was quite divided in terms of the workload and call, you can use this to your advantage to go home early!

Poole/Moss: i was on this team in 2007. Loved it. Great variety and an enthusiastic crew (somewhat quirky - if you're asked, the magic number is 37). Don't be late, that's not appoved of! Poole is the gut man- plenty of lap cholecystectomies, pancreatic cases, gastric cancer, bowel tumors, even had a meckels diverticulum. Moss does neck and breast and is a all round good guy.



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