O&G at auckland … I would highly recommend it

The run itself being at Auckland is highly organised and is great for someone who likes to know what happens when and where. It can be bit daunting trying to figure out your schedule at first but once you got it figured out then it's great. There are lots of extra visit you have to do … .so pencil in the clinics (antenatal and gynae) first as you try not to miss any one of them if you can help it. Then find blank spots on your schedule to fit all the extra visits in. Friday morning is generally a good one to do because friday schedule is chaotic and the team may be doing different stuff from week to week. The tip is also try not to do your visits in the first week otherwise, your team may not know who you are and will get to know the other students… this will be fine unless your team doesn't know where you are and think you are slacking off when you are on your visits!

The supervisors are fantastic at teaching and they are all very willing for you to learn especially the blue team consultants. These are consultants who are involved with high risk pregnancy and students are generally not attached to them but if you ever find yourself on call with these consultants… they will alsways be keen to teach if you appear enthusiastic!

The drawback is that woman at national woman hospital tends to take longer with each birth compared to ones at middlemore. Thus for your shift, you may not even get to see one birth. This is what I've found talking to people but may not be true…. so take this comment with caution. Please don't interpret anything into this either.

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