I did loco at Auckland and it honestly wasnt the best fun. (go to middlemore if you can!)

I was on a 3 consultant team who each did separate ward rounds, at 7am, 7.30am and 8.30am. Orthopaedic ward rounds are pretty ridiculous as you spend approx 30sec with each patient! Did call with my team once a week, spent the rest of the time on the ward finding a case, or in theatre (or at home…)

Rheumatology teaching at Greenlane was excellent as was the opportunity to go to Rheumatology clinic.

If you want practice at putting in lines then Loco can be quite good.


I did Loco at Auckland and it wasn't that bad. You have handover at 730 am where the registrars go through x-rays of patients from the day before to decide whether to do surgery and what approach to take. They WILL quiz you at times so be prepared but they don't expect you to have a vast knowledge, just the basics. Then went to ward round and would finish up around 930. If we didn't have theatre or clinic that day it was OSCE practice or home time. Clinic can be quite good at times, especially if one of the fellows lets you see patients by yourself.

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