Auckland hospital gen med is intense- I was on purple team (the dream team) poole, braadvedt, black, dawes.. the list goes on-
You show up at handover 8am on level 2 (APU WARD 8.15am is fine!) and ONLY do consultant ward rounds- you dont have to attend every single ward round nor should you. Go to acute nights and try to admit one or two patients to present to your consultant the next morning. You look good if you've done a comprehensive admission so take your time and read up as much as you can about your patients.
Ask Dr Braadvedt to give you neuro teaching, he is the best teacher and you'll love upper and lower limb exams after his tut.

Listen to as many murmurs, bruits as you can
Percuss as many abdos, pleural effusions/pneumonias as you can
Ask if you can take a turn scribing (its just SOAP- like in GP)

Make friends with your reg and H.O, they will be your ticket to free lunch and extra bits of info/case history checking for 6 weeks

Include EVERYTHING in your case histories, negative findings too
Write about the management of your patients disease specific to your patient
Google diagrams of the chest and abdo and draw lines and arrows to indicate reduced air entry, crackles etc
Include drug history and indications for each drug
Take a good social history

Find your maori case early- discussion is on their management pathway, services available to them, any gaps you saw in their treatment and your reflection of your knowledge of maori health (read a maori health reading (disparities in maori health-or similar)and comment on it, it'll look good that youve made the effort and you wont have to go and talk to sue crengle about why you failed the case!)
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