Nothing too different: 6 shifts, opportunity to go home early since often it gets quiet and the regs are just doing papar work. You get a different registrar each time so depends on luck really, some are really helpful, some less so.

What days tutorials are on: there will be a timetable, some are optional, some are not, find out!

How hard you have to work: hahahaha, not very hard :P ED was a blissful holiday. If you have an afternoon shift, you get the next day off.

What time to turn up on the first day - and where!: For aftenoon shifts up at ED staff base, chances are, you won't have a swipe card yet because people always return them late, so go through the main ED entrance and ask the triage nurses to let you in. Identify an ED consultant and say hi immediately or you will be left to stand next to the wall for a few hours, nobody will ask you what you want. Follow a registrar around. For morning shifts, you go to the handover room and ask to attach yourself to a reg.

Where you can leave your stuff: You can put your bags in a cupboard with everybody else's so reasonably secure.

Where the good coffee is to be found: You should have your own favourite coffee place around Grafton by now :)

How you'll be marked: Logbook of ?10 cases that you just have to have seen and get it signed off. If you don't see one, you get it signed off anyway if you ask the reg to give you a quick tutorial.

Where to park: As always, parking at ACH is an issue, ok for "afternoon" (4ish to 10ish) shifts because Grafton backstreets should have freed up by then. But morning shifts (8ish to 4ish) are annoying, pretty much forced to hike from Mountain Rd.

Quality of cafe food: Not much to say about ACH food, there's subway now, saves the trip across the road in scrubs.

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