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What is this?

Simply put, a wiki is a webpage where everyone can edit (think wikipedia) but with notes attached to it hence WikiNotes.

The theory behind wikis is collaboration. If we can harness everybody's knowledge or skill - we can create something greater than any single contribution.

While wikipedia is "the sum of human knowledge". AUMSA WikiNotes aims to be "the sum of what-you-need-to-know-for-the-exams"

So jump in, start reading and learning. If you find that you can help out, perhaps you see some typos, some mistakes, some stuff that is missing. Go ahead and click edit on the bottom of the page and start contributing!

- Chen (zn.gro.asmua|retsambew#zn.gro.asmua|retsambew)

Please note however that AUMSA or any of the authors do not guarrantee the accuracy of all information contained within. You and your class is responsible for that.

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